A Discovery

There’s just something crazy interesting about life that I’ve discovered recently. Sometimes the things you absolutely hate when you were younger become your favorite things when you get older. I used to think things like; writing, dreaming, Eric, coffee and classical music were stupid as fork. Here I am sitting in a Starbucks (again) with Eric (now a good friend) writing this for my blog and dreaming one day to publish my own book and next week I will be attending a symphony. To me this is crazy/exciting and interesting. I had a conversation with a younger sibling about how some of the things or people we hate/dislike growing up can change it seemed funny. Funny that they were persistent on disliking the thing or person forever. Mainly because I was that way at that age. I mean I do still hate spiders, you, when people chew loudly and when people make eye contact for too long. This post is just kind of a wow I’m almost twenty-four years old post. Coming up to our birthdays people tend to do a lot of reflecting on the past years and Sunday I did a ton. Just sat on the couch for the good half of the day remembering this year which lead to past years. Might I say I am so glad to be the person I am today. I went from hating the world, really disliking school, not liking to read, never going out to do anything to being a podcast listening, constantly meeting up with people, taking online non-credited classes, blogger and avid reader. While keeping all the other things I love in my life. Is this what adulting is mom? Not saying life is perfect or I’m always this peachy because it’s not and I’m not. People who tell you that you can have it all and always be happy are liars. Have a great week everyone (Just make sure it’s not better than mine)!  

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” -George Bernard Shaw.

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